Tonnellerie Billon

Famous master-coopers in Burgundy specialising in wine in France and around the world

Tonnellerie Billon

Established in Burgundy since 1947, Tonnellerie Billon works to make wine wonderful and represents the perfect combination of modern energy and respect for tradition.


As a creator of luxurious homes for wine, Tonnellerie Billon has forged a solid reputation in the wine industry in France and around the world.

Our range

A range that stretches from traditional, Bordeaux and Burgundy barrels to large capacity 820-litre barrels.


Ask for a quote for your own barrel production, adapted to your grapes and wine-making process.

For over 70 years, Tonnellerie BILLON cooperates with the largest wine estates in France and abroad.

Export : Afrique du Sud, Allemagne, Argentine Autriche, Canada, Chili, Espagne, France, Macédoine, Maroc, Monténégro, Nouvelle-Zélande, Portugal, Royaume-Uni, Roumanie, Russie, Serbie, Slovénie, USA

Barrels per year

Exported barrels

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