Master-coopers in Beaune since 1947

A love of the craft, care for detail, respect for tradition.

Established in Beaune since 1947, Tonnellerie Billon has forged a solid reputation in the wine industry in France and around the world through a perfect combination of modern energy and respect for tradition.

Our values: care for detail, respect for traditions

le respect des traditions

sont nos valeurs fortes

Vincent Damy

Dirigeant, Meilleur Ouvrier de France

A love of the craft, care for detail, energy and respect for tradition are the strong values that Tonnellerie Billon and its employees represent.

Rhida, the workshop manager, and Vincent Damy, the director, were awarded the medal of “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” in 2007 from the President of France.

They guarantee the quality of our barrels.

Tonnellerie Billon is:

  • 2 hectares of production site
  • 4,000 m² of covered workshop
  • 2 hectares of timber
  • 10,000 barrels produced a year

Health Safety Traceability

We have a wood traceability system from the stave mills to the cellar, to ensure the best possible knowledge of our products. This system is proof of the quality and reliability of our barrels and their production.

Every year, a laboratory takes samples of the air and our wood, before and after production. Cleanliness and dust suction in our workshop is a constant focus.
Tests are also carried out on the inside of our barrels to perfect our understanding of the aromatic profiles.

To avoid any issues, all our machines are connected to high-performance air suction systems and our water delivery system has chlorine and mud filters.

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