CTB and PEFC certification

in the purest tradition of French expertise

CTB certification: “Traditional French barrels”

Tonnellerie Billon has been CTB certified since 1997: Traditional French barrels. This label, devised by the French Cooperage Federation and awarded by the Wood Technical Centre in Paris, ensures that Tonnellerie Billon permanently controls the quality of its staves and production, in the purest tradition of French expertise.

PEFC label

The PEFC eco-label authenticates the origin of the wood throughout the production chain and is a commitment to sustainable forest management.

Health Safety Traceability

  • We have a wood traceability system from the stave mills to the cellar, to ensure the best possible knowledge of our products. This system is proof of the quality and reliability of our barrels and their production.
  • Every year, a laboratory takes samples of the air and our wood, before and after production. Cleanliness and dust suction in our workshop is a constant focus.
  • Tests are also carried out on the inside of our barrels to perfect our understanding of the aromatic profiles.
  • To avoid any issues, all our machines are connected to high-performance air suction systems and our water delivery system has chlorine and mud filters.

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